Saturday, November 08, 2014

Heroes of the Storm: Nova Build Guide - November 2014

Talent Tiers : Strategy (if changes)

  1. Ambush Snipe : From Stealth: Q, W, Auto, Auto, Auto, etc.
  2. Gathering Power : From Stealth: Q, W, Auto, Auto, Auto, etc.
  3. Hot Shots :  From Stealth: Q, W, Auto, Run!
  4. Triple Tap : From Stealth: Q, W, Auto, R if you have it or Run
  5. Lethal Decoy : From Stealth: E, Q, W, Auto, R if you have it or Run!!! (no decoy)
  6. Overdrive: From Stealth: E, 1, Q, W, Auto, R if you have it or Run!!! (no decoy)
  7. Fast Reload : From Stealth: E, 1, Q, W, Auto, R or Run!!!, R again if you get a kill or Run!!! (no decoy)

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