Saturday, December 02, 2017

Multiple Desktops in Windows 10

Was pleasantly surprised today to see Microsoft finally implemented a Win 10 multi desktop feature in some of the more recent updates that's long been a staple of Linux window managers and OSX for some time. Multi desktop is now as easy as Ctrl+Win+D and swapping between them is also Ctrl+Win+Left/Right. Win+Tab to manage/close any desktop at the bottom of the screen. In summary

Ctrl+Win+D: Create a new desktop

Ctrl+Win+Left Arrow: Move left one desktop

Ctrl+Win+Right Arrow: Move right one desktop

Win+Tab: Manage desktops (Also a nice app switcher)

If you are a fan of tabbed browsing think of this as tabbed desktops where you can organize windows you are working into a logical grouping. IE chat/email/calendar in one set, whatever you are working on in another, youtube/music/streaming in another, etc.