Sunday, December 21, 2014

Heroes of the Storm: Illidan Talent Build & Guide

I generally use the talents below with my preferred talent bolded.
  1. (2) Shadow Shield
  2. (3) Immolation
  3. (5) First Aid
  4. (1) Metamorphasis
  5. (5) Sixth Sense or (1) Giant Killer
  6. (4) Blood for Blood or (5) Stoneskin
  7. (2) Bolt of the Storm or (3) Demonic Form

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Heroes of the Storm: Tychus Build Guide

Talents by Tier (and hotkey)

  1. (1) Armor Piercing Rounds
  2. (4) Melting Point
  3. (3) First Aid
  4. (1) Commander Odin
  5. (4) Relentless
  6. (4) Stoneskin
  7. (2) Bolt of the Storm

Friday, November 14, 2014

Heroes of the Storm: Anub'arak Build Guide - November 2014

Primary Build

  1. Extended Spikes
  2. Underking
  3. Bed of Barbs
  4. Locust Swarm
  5. Chitinous Plating
  6. Rewind
  7. Resurgence of the Storm or Hive Master

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Heroes of the Storm: Nazeebo Build Guide - November 2014

Damage build

The goal of this is to get kills while staying alive using either sprint as an escape to keep our gathering power buff up from kills we have netted or rewind to increase our damage output. Remember to use zombie wall for positioning advantage and to trap players.

  1. Death Ritual
  2. Gathering Power
  3. Gidbinn for damage or Merc Lord if jungling & nobody else takes it
  4. Ravenous Spirit
  5. Sprint or Rewind
  6. Leaping Spiders
  7. Annihilating Spirit

Pushing Build

The goal of this build is to clear lane. Remember to cast toads at max range to increase the effectiveness of toads of hugeness with this build. Try to grab merc camps often to buff merc units with the merc lord talent. Use toads on cooldown while in lane.

  1. Death Ritual
  2. Spider Cluster
  3. Merc Lord if jungling & nobody else takes or Gidbinn for damage
  4. Gargantuan
  5. Toads of Hugeness or Sprint
  6. Infested Toads
  7. Humongoid

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Heroes of the Storm: Nova Build Guide - November 2014

Talent Tiers : Strategy (if changes)

  1. Ambush Snipe : From Stealth: Q, W, Auto, Auto, Auto, etc.
  2. Gathering Power : From Stealth: Q, W, Auto, Auto, Auto, etc.
  3. Hot Shots :  From Stealth: Q, W, Auto, Run!
  4. Triple Tap : From Stealth: Q, W, Auto, R if you have it or Run
  5. Lethal Decoy : From Stealth: E, Q, W, Auto, R if you have it or Run!!! (no decoy)
  6. Overdrive: From Stealth: E, 1, Q, W, Auto, R if you have it or Run!!! (no decoy)
  7. Fast Reload : From Stealth: E, 1, Q, W, Auto, R or Run!!!, R again if you get a kill or Run!!! (no decoy)

Sunday, March 09, 2014

2014 F1 Schedule

16 Mar Australia (Melbourne)

30 Mar Malaysia (Sepang)

6 Apr Bahrain (Sakhir)

20 Apr China (Shanghai)

11 May Spain (Barcelona)

25 May Monaco

8 Jun Canada (Montreal)

22 Jun Austria (Red Bull Ring)

6 Jul Britain (Silverstone)

20 Jul Germany (Hockenheim)

27 Jul Hungary (Budapest)

24 Aug Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps)

7 Sep Italy (Monza)

21 Sep Singapore

5 Oct Japan (Suzuka)

12 Oct Russia (Sochi)

2 Nov United States (Austin)

9 Nov Brazil (Interlagos)

23 Nov Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina)

Monday, February 03, 2014

ll on OSX

Was frustrated OSX didn't feature ll (list long a.ka. ls -al) out of the box after I did my Mavericks reinstall. I'm sure there are lots of guides out there about how to setup an alias and all that but I simply created a bash script to remedy the issue.

Time to fire up nano...

jareds-air:~ jared$ cd /usr/bin
jareds-air:bin jared$ sudo nano ll

Now for a side of copypasta...

ls -al


jareds-air:bin jared$ chmod +x ll