Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dota 2 Introduction to the Map, Timings & Basics

Rune spawning: 0:00 then every 2 minutes at one of two locations if there isn't already a rune on the map.
Neutral spawning: 0:30 then every minute on the x:00
Courier speed boost: 50% for 20 seconds. 40 second cooldown. (~50% uptime)
Creep pulling: 0:15 to pull creeps, 0:52 to stack creeps. Use the medium camp closest to your bottom lane tower as radiant or top lane as dire.

Jungling map from Ded Gaming

Understanding tower agro:

Stacking creeps, pulling creeps, ward blocking guide

Tier lists:

July Competitive Tier List
ProTune Gaming July Tier List