Thursday, November 13, 2014

Heroes of the Storm: Nazeebo Build Guide - November 2014

Damage build

The goal of this is to get kills while staying alive using either sprint as an escape to keep our gathering power buff up from kills we have netted or rewind to increase our damage output. Remember to use zombie wall for positioning advantage and to trap players.

  1. Death Ritual
  2. Gathering Power
  3. Gidbinn for damage or Merc Lord if jungling & nobody else takes it
  4. Ravenous Spirit
  5. Sprint or Rewind
  6. Leaping Spiders
  7. Annihilating Spirit

Pushing Build

The goal of this build is to clear lane. Remember to cast toads at max range to increase the effectiveness of toads of hugeness with this build. Try to grab merc camps often to buff merc units with the merc lord talent. Use toads on cooldown while in lane.

  1. Death Ritual
  2. Spider Cluster
  3. Merc Lord if jungling & nobody else takes or Gidbinn for damage
  4. Gargantuan
  5. Toads of Hugeness or Sprint
  6. Infested Toads
  7. Humongoid

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