Saturday, August 22, 2020

Secure Drive Erase Tools

Recently I switched to PeaZip from 7zip due to some of the extra features found in PeaZip. One of these was it's ability to securely wipe drives that you wish to sell/get rid of. Today I stumbled across a built in windows utility called cipher that allows you to perform a similar operation. To perform a drive wipe simply enter the following at a command prompt, replacing X for the drive letter of the drive whose freespace you'd like to wipe:

cipher /w:X:\

To rapidly wipe a drive first perform a quick format then run cipher. 

 Here is the /help entry for the /w option:

     /W        Removes data from available unused disk space on the entire
              volume. If this option is chosen, all other options are ignored.
              The directory specified can be anywhere in a local volume. If it
              is a mount point or points to a directory in another volume, the
              data on that volume will be removed.

Wiping a 1TB 5400RPM hard drive with cipher took approximately 6 hours

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