Tuesday, July 05, 2005

M.J.Butcher Consulting - Embedded Web Server

M.J.Butcher Consulting - Embedded Web Server: "Welcome to the MJBC Embedded Web Server running on the Freescale MC9S12NE64 [64k FLASH / 8k SRAM /10/100M LAN].
This demo allows simple testing of the device controlling an LCD display and monitoring Emails on a POP3 server.

Check out the web cam showing the display and send a test Email to this address.
The Emails are checked every 2 minutes which means that you can see the Email counter incrementing within this period.
A new product called the VIPpanel : more details here will be available in the very near future allowing full control of the display over the Internet - and a lot more besides...

See Web Cam here [Note: To access the web cam your browser will use the TCP port 8080. If you find it doesn't work, it is probably that your firewall is blocking accesses to HTTP ports other than the basic port 80. In this case the fire wall can be configured to allow standard TCP access to both 80 and 8080, which will resolve the problem.]

Have fun!!

Some technical notes:
The operating system and TCP/IP stack allowing you to view this page and controlling the application is developed and maintained by us - that is the company M.J.Butcher Consulting. It is designed for maximum performance in a minimum footprint, especially for embedded applications where resources have to be tightly controlled. It is scalable and easily configurable to get as much out of the hardware as possible.
The test application which you see is operating on a 100MB/s Ethernet LAN and supports maintenance via UDP or TELNET and web page updates via FTP. It is controlling an LCD, which can also be controlled over the Internet and checks its mail at a POP3 server every 2 minutes. It also performs LAN / RS232 conversion functions using UDP with additional CRC-16 checking and handshaking to ensure robustness.
How big is the code? Well as I said it is very scalable and depends on exactly what is supported (how rich the ICMP support is for example). The application shown r"

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